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Ah fuck it. Here's my thoughts on React - why I've found it and what it represents problematic even before recent events.


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Ok, #Magit has to be my favourite thing about #Emacs so far. Been using the Git CLI for years and never thought I'd find something more elegant, yet here we are.

“As developers, we need to learn from our mistakes by finding out where our users compensate for our deficiencies, and learn from how disabled communities support themselves.”

— Nic Chan

People in tech: I want to leave tech to become a barista or a goat farmer or something

People not in tech: this pays badly, maybe I'll try getting into tech?

Get a browser that protects your privacy by default.

🚫 Block trackers.
👁️ Defend against surveillance.
🔎 Resist fingerprinting.
🔒 Enjoy multi-layered encryption.
🗣️ Circumvent censorship.

✅ Browse freely and privately.

Download Tor Browser:

Three cheers for this privacy hub, a collection of guides to help you make your data more private and secure, including:

• How to choose a VPN
• The best browsers for privacy
• Turning off device location tracking

Notre Dame burned and the world stopped. The Amazon has been on fire for three weeks.

Tiens ça m'a fait penser à Mme la vice-première ministre & sa réflexion sur l'accommodement de la parentalité dans notre assemblé nationale.
New Zealand parliament's speaker looks after an MPs baby a speech

New Zealand parliament's speaker looks after an MPs baby while he gives a speech

Illustrated: When a hacker tries to gain access to an OpenBSD 🐡 server... ha!


1. Denial
2. Guilt
3. Depression
4. Acceptance
5. Drowning

Voici une photo pour calmer l’aigreur des adultes du web. Je pense que les paysages surréels du Québec peuvent guérir plus de maux que ce que l’on croit.

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