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This echoes my experience with Lua.

With its easy to grok table structure, and the fact that you usually vendor in your libraries, it's a mystery-less language.

#selfhosting #matrix seems to be quite painful… Any feedback from teh masto community? :)

Here we are!
🎉✌️ #Mobilizon v2 has just been released ✌️🎉

We hope you 'll be able to free your events & groups from the clutches of Facebook 😉

Read about a year of improvements from your feedback here :

rust is dead. Mozilla laid off the whole team in the last year, and now apparently the core team has made themselves dictators for life, and there is likely further abuse that they've tried to make themselves immune from. you'd honestly be bananas to write anything in rust at this point, no matter how much you like the language.

Here's a little piece of to removes line breaks, comments and spaces around symbols, in a file. No dependency, you only need lua (>= 5.1).

Le dieu sorti de la machine (deus ex machina), n'est finalement pas un super-ordinateur conscient, mais simplement une fonction exponentielle qui se résume à trois lettres P-I-B 🙇

Ses fidèles et ses bigots sont d'ailleurs terrorisés à l'idée des malédictions qui pourraient s'abattre sur eux, si jamais nous devions fermer le contact de cette sainte-machine 🤖

"Say Goodbye to Your " ~

> "In a 2016 Harvard Business Review analysis, two writers calculated the annual cost of excess corporate bureaucracy as about $3 trillion, with an average of one manager per every 4.7 ."

> "Across disparate industries, an overwhelming portion of management personnel is focused more on taking credit and placing blame rather than actually managing people, with dire consequences."

" is our livelihood and we better protect it, or we’re screwed." ~

> “Soil is like an addict,” Wendy said. “Once it becomes dependent on and you’ve killed all the good bugs, you can’t grow a crop without nitrogen.”

"Comment l' détruit la planète" ~

> "En écologie comme dans les autres domaines de la vie en société, la classe dominante dilue sa responsabilité derrière une soi disant nature humaine."

> "L’écologie bourgeoise permet en définitive de verdir les mécanismes classiques de la domination de classe : se poser en sachant face à un peuple forcément inculte et pollueur."

need a reverse scarecrow. a comfortcrow. need an ornament to put in my garden that will bring every crow in a hundred miles radius and make them feel loved and safe

@im Et à l'accessibilité : plus on se rapproche des patterns natifs, moins c'est difficile avec une aide technique, et moins ça fait de travail de développement en prime (répliquer TOUS les comportements et états attendus d'un composant natif, c'est très coûteux).

S'il te plait, fais du HTML simple, donc plus probablement correct, c'est mieux pour tout le monde. Perso, je pense au mode lecture du navigateur, de l'import dans wallabag, mais y a plein d'autres cas où c'est bien aussi.

Merci. 💚

🚀 New chapter released to the Guile Hacker Handbook : Strings ! 🚀

This is a book to learn Guile in a #TestDrivenLearning style 👽

⬇️ Check it out ⬇️
🇫🇷 🇬🇧

Please, if you push the exercise further, send me your code and tests ! 🤓

#gnu #guile #scheme #lisp #testDrivenDevelopment #tdd #fuctionalprogramming #learnToCode #CodeNewbie #100DaysOfCode

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