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Black rhino and calf spotted in beautiful landscape of Lewa Wildlife conservancy with mount Kenya seen in the background. Tembea #Kenya
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Barbara Stiegler : Démocratie, Épiphénomène historique, sécession des élites ?
Thinkerview diffusé en direct le 30 avril 2021

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Solidarity and respect to all working people past and present ✊Have a great May day

Right. Since 6.9 has been released. 🐡

Donation now sent to the OpenBSD Foundation.

Downloading the 6.9 release and installing a couple of new virtual machines... Makes for a fun Saturday night!

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Perception of purpose? (@10m57). Those words ruffle the feathers of my Buddhist leaning... Can't we got along all together peacefully, caring for each other, without the need of a purpose other than that? Well, at least they wrote "Perception", not "Realization of purpose"... 🙂 #abruptclimatechange #collapse #wisdom

The newest #FireFox no longer shows FTP sites.

Would it be possible to mitigate this terrible decision by setting up an FTP server in a way that it produces HTML files via http?

(Searching for such a solution, I just get pages for dummies explaining that your browser can display a FTP site.)

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