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You should definitely check this out! I’ve worked with Sara in the past and cannot recommend her work and this workshop highly enough.
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FRIENDS!✨ I'm excited to announce I'm working on an #a11y video course!🥳

🔜 Practical Accessibility: a get-right-down-to-it course for designers & developers who want to start creating more accessible digital products today

💌 Sign Up for updates 👉http://practical-accessibility.tod…


> while (the IM part of) #XMPP is more like Telegram or Signal.

Or rather, vice-versa. 🙂

As I've said before, instant message is a problem that was solved in 1999 by #XMPP. Everything else (with the possible exception of #telegram, don't know what their motivations were) is not instant messaging, it's #business (and yes, *you* are the product 🙂)

I am trying to create a comprehensive list of all the #xmpp clients and servers available for #linux

There are at least three #irc clients that support #xmpp so I included them on this list.

#irssi #smuxi #weechat

What is your favorite #xmpp client and server?

🦴 Matériaux pour la paléontologie suisse, ou, Recueil de monographies sur les fossiles du Jura et des Alpes /
Genève: H. Georg, 1854-1873.

Going more private has a lot of old school attitude.

Don't use credit cards, use cash (of course no Apple Pay etc.). Don't use google maps, learn where you need to go and figure it out like you did a decade ago. Don't listen to streaming music, listen to music you downloaded.

What would you do if there was no big tech companies to hold your hand? Will you be lost?

#privacy #google #apple

C'est vraiment long avant d'être approuvé par les modérateurs sur 😶

What is your preferred way to chat with people?

For #EarthDay2021, learn how elementary OS can help you save money while reducing harmful electronics waste and carbon emissions by revitalizing your Mac or Windows PC.

des graphistes autres que mecs cis intéresséEs pour travailler sur un design de site internet dynamique (pour une association supervisant la gestion d’un parc naturel) ?

de notre côté on codera un thème pour un CMS (encore non défini), avec comme échéance de mise en production juillet 2021

partage bienvenu 😊

#travail #web #design #graphisme

Using #xmpp is simple, secure and easy. Just create an xmpp account, install an xmpp client, login and start chatting.

Il est encore temps de nettoyer le web avec Un simple changement dans le header permet de refuser cette nouvelle méthode de tracking de #Google.
Nous avons appliqué cette protection sur tous nos sites.

#FlocOffGoogle #CleanUpTheWeb #vieprivee #Floc

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