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Using the :target selector to show and hide contents for navigation purpose. Cool!

„A Whole Website in a Single HTML File“

#html #css #target #selector

LLC Twitter will be like: “Look! A net gain!”


Billionaires gained $3.9 trillion and workers lost $3.7 trillion… but that must just be a coincidence 🙃


@eric you are right, but that was not the point of the post. OP laments that all other keybase alternatives are based on blockchains, not keybase. And this is sadly true. I've looked into many alternatives and spoken with a bunch of them. All blockchain based.

The choice seems either centralization or blockchain.

And then, there is this small 1-person project named @keyoxide that does provide decentralization without blockchain 😅


So today I took a step in #decentralization and started to host my own (tiny!) #git server. And the best part: it was much easier than it looked thanks to a clever trick with SSH.

"Elon Musk To Offer $100 Million Prize For 'Best' Carbon Capture Tech "

me : trees, you stupid !

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