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First #keyoxide release of 2021 🎉

Version 2.4.0 introduces 'signature profiles' allowing one to keep identity claims in signed documents instead of notations in keys. Easier and safer in certain aspects!

Here are the full details:

#identity #pgp #gpg #openpgp


Souvenons-nous de Aaron Swartz, écrasé par des rentiers de la connaissance, (re)lisons son Manifeste de la guérilla pour le libre accès en français, en anglais #OpenAccess


Souvenez-vous de Aaron Swartz
(8 novembre 1986 - 11 janvier 2013)

The path towards Capitalism is one of abstraction:

First we abstracted physical power (self control) away from humanity and into systems (ideas, technology chains).

Then we abstracted away relationships (currency)

Finally we abstracted away and let it consume our spiritual power when we made it into the god of our reality (the invisible hand)

We have created Moloch out of our own bodies. Until we reclaim it we are headed towards destruction

#anarchy #solarpunk #theVent


The marvelous pursuit is born from the desire to create playful complexity in a desert of simplistic convenience. A hobby is a form of consumption, the marvelous pursuit on the other hand, is a rejection of commodified convenience, it can't be bought because it has no price. A marvelous pursuit refuses socially ascribed use.

@RobinWils AMP is a google tech for cacheing, reinventing the wheel. Instead just use plain old html.

Stop using AMP, please!

@hs0ucy @cedesguin

Telegram n'est pas encrypté par défaut, n'est pas source ouverte donc le code ne peu pas être vérifié, collecte trop de metadata, il censure les groupes parfois....

Vous recherchez une messagerie instantanée, à deux ou en groupe, avec des appels audio et vidéo à deux, qui respecte vraiment votre vie privée, est #libre, loyale et éthique ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin : le groupe de travail #Chapril de l'April vous propose un service #XMPP libre et gratuit compatible avec les applications gérant les appels audio et vidéo (telles que #Conversations, #Blabber, #Movim, #Conv6ations sous Android, ou #siskin sous iOS) et bien d'autres.

*History will not remember us fondly* ~

"We possess the resources & production necessary to provide every human being on Earth with a comfortable living: adequate food, housing, health, and happiness. We have decided not to do so. We have achieved what one may consider the single unifying goal of the entire history of humanity: we have eliminated natural scarcity for our basic resources. We have done this, and we choose to deny our fellow humans their basic needs [...]"

Fuck Trump

Fuck Bolsonaro

Deplatform fascists EVERY STEP OF THE WAY

We're all antifa

Dear music stars and more specifically Mr Neil Young and Mr Bob Dylan,

You are already rich men and your descendants will not be on the street, so why not put your catalog in the , rather than sell it?

All these years humanity has made you what you are, why not give it back a tiny bit?

Are you able to demonstrate anything other than vanity and greed? Are you only hubris with a guitar?

Or you do not understand where the music comes from … (

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