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I think I need to take another Hacker News break. Before I go, I'm nailing this to the doors of the church:

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Rupture définitive de Steven Guilbeault avec le mouvement écologiste
Par Collectif
Lettre ouverte aux environnementalistes lautjournal.info/20191016/rupt

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La tournée d'Alain Deneault au Québec. À noter!

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Merci la boussole de me confirmer que mon ambivalence n'est pas irrationnelle

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On se bat pour vous! 😉 @theJagmeetSingh@twitter.com @JustinTrudeau@twitter.com

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@JustinTrudeau@twitter.com @infomantv@twitter.com 😉 Image: Fred Nolet

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@LesVertsCanada@twitter.com @pierrenantel@twitter.com 😉 Image: Fred Nolet

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'Turns out British 3 years olds can also cycle into city centres....
....as long as they are in The Netherlands.'

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Tiens ça m'a fait penser à Mme la vice-première ministre @GGuilbaultCAQ@twitter.com & sa réflexion sur l'accommodement de la parentalité dans notre assemblé nationale.
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New Zealand parliament's speaker looks after an MPs baby @GGuilbaultCAQ@twitter.com a speech

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New Zealand parliament's speaker looks after an MPs baby while he gives a speech

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Illustrated: When a hacker tries to gain access to an OpenBSD 🐡 server... ha!

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