“It is eminently possible to weave ancient knowledge of how to live symbiotically with nature into how we shape the cities of the future, before this wisdom is lost forever. We can our urban landscapes, and apply ecological solutions to drainage, wastewater processing, flood survival, local agriculture and pollution that have worked for indigenous peoples for thousands of years, with no need for electronic sensors, computer servers or extra IT support” ~

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@hs0ucy All of earth needs to be deemed a protected nature reserve. Humans, are no longer part of nature (and probably never truly were, once they became H. sapiens), and need to #ExodusEarth . Any creation of human spaces robs and harms nature and the earth. "It is eminently possible" for us to #ExodusEarth , live in orbit of the earth and eventually in space. Truth is H. sapiens never truly lived symbiotically with nature. We have always been H. exploitus. It is our genius and our addiction.

Hi @noself,

Strong words and I don't think it's true. Some groups of sapiens achieved to live symbiotically with nature. Throughout our history we had ups and downs with nature, but now it's the worst.

As for the space exodus, even if you were right, we don't have the technological capabilities or the physical capabilities to live up there.

This eminent possibility that you are talking about does not exist and probably never will.

We are a product of nature, we are nature, nothing else

@hs0ucy Wow, "This eminent possibility that you are talking about does not exist and probably never will." Those are the real strong words. We'll have to agree to disagree. Your limiting beliefs about nature and human nature, our capabilities, and our psychological blindness, are the real danger to nature, in our opinion. We no longer have any place in nature, if we ever truly did, despite being a product of it. All mature creatures must leave their nest, that is nature. Peace brother.

- Reach the nearest star outside our system: 50,000 years from here!
- Terra-forming Mars to have an atmosphere adapted to humans? Hundreds, maybe thousands of years... Do we have that time? Not sure
- Even with warp drive ... without [anti]gravity we will become floating slugs.

Otherwise in the absolute, we are no different from a giant asteroid hitting the Earth in the Cretaceous, but an asteroid aware of what it is accomplishing ... Another manifestation of nature.

@hs0ucy Wow, wow, wow. I would never suggest we go exploit another world. My first response said we'd live in the orbit of the earth and "in" space, never a word of terraforming or any of that exploitive nonsense. Any ways, you can't claim to live in harmony with nature as you consume and exploit it...that is the destructive irrationality of humans. Better we just disappear. We have everything we need to begin living in orbit and near space.

@noself Ok you meant literally in space 😃 given the amount of waste we send there, maybe we won't even be able to get out of here anyway 😶

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