I will be speaking about #solarpunk at the London SF Reading group on the 26th. I was thinking about focusing on the arrow that points from fiction to real-world. Looking forward :glenda:

notes: wiki.xxiivv.com/site/solarpunk

event: spectrumwriters.com/events/202

It is only now that I recognize the pattern of all these bazillions of CSS guides that turn everything fancy while not spending a single thought on all the #accessibility they break in the process.

Web devs, we must do better. #a11y

Non mais est-ce qu'ils vont arrêter avec leurs ostis de popups d'infolettres du câlisse!!?

Any good hashtags/groups/follows for more diverse fiction? Like but not so eco-driven, more just excluded and oppressed voices?

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

Entre youtubeur et entubeur, il n'y a parfois qu'un pas.

«Utilisons nos sites web!»
Plaidoyer, tout simple, contre le recours aux pages Facebook à tout vent. Signé : Michelle Boily, citoyenne. 😍


> Je ne lutte pas contre le monde, je lutte contre une force plus grande, contre ma fatigue du monde. — Cioran

"Only governments and corporations can deliver us a future filled with bullshit jobs, an unreachable dream of home ownership and income-based healthcare. We can trust them to do the right thing after exhausting every other option."

"Tools For A Future" ~ <thedorkweb.substack.com/p/tool>

Another inspiring edition of *Tales From The Dork Web*.

Rappel mensuel :

- Branche ta clé USB ou ton disque dur
- Fais tes sauvegardes

De rien !

Great time to remember that your new #IRC network of choice doesn't have to fall between the #Libera vs #Freenode debate.

In fact, if you represent a project, why not take this opportunity to self-host your own IRC support/development/misc channels? Sounds like a much better way to state your ownership of the project, with much more control as well.

Lorsque tu commences à cultiver quelques plantes au potager ou au balcon, c'est fou comment tu deviens intéressé et reconnaissant de la moindre séquence de pluie.

I’m running a local DNS server on my laptop, best idea. Why is that not a common practice?

Seuls 4% des utilisateurs d’iOS ont accepté le traçage publicitaire. On comprend pourquoi Facebook en est réduit à bluffer sur le fait que le réseau social risque de devenir payant.


Les vidéos de LibrePlanet 2021 sont sorties : framatube.org/accounts/fsf/vid

Je recommande : 
• Empower users by asking them for money
• Building equitable free software communities for all
• The challenges of change for values-centered nonprofits
• Informal chatter to formal decisions
• Lessons Framasoft has learned (pour entendre Pouhiou parler anglais)

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