I lost my wallet today, presumably it fell out of my pocket at the gas station and was stolen.

Didn't even realize it until hours later after IGWM and I went outside in the dark with a flash light hoping it was out in the yard somewhere because I mowed as soon as I got home. Lost wallet on top of not even being able to finish mowing because the belt came off my Wheel Horse and I can't get it back on without the help of my brother.

Today's been rough man 😞

@jebug29 that sucks. they don't have it at the gas station?

@pizza_pal Nope went and checked, also checked the trash cans around the gas pump... Looks like it's a goner

@jebug29 dang, that's lousy. i stopped carrying a wallet about 2 or 3 months ago, instead i just started keeping my debit card and driver's license and any cash bound up with a hair tie, so i could keep them in my front pocket. the back pants pocket is a cruel joke.


@pizza_pal @jebug29 abandon the wallet, embrace the purse.😂

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