I got iwoz (Steve woz biography) from the library and dear God is it written at such a low level.

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I much prefer the rugged simplicity of a twelve-button Touch-tone telephone without speed-dials, redial, or any of those other "extras". The VoIP endpoints (ATAs) I use have enough functions built in, which is where I think they belong. I'd be equally happy with an analog PBX that handled those functions.

I saw a 486 board for 99$ and now I'm considering a retro build

My partner bought a computer, and the keyboard that came with it had japanese keycap stickers, so it's mine now.

Tw: pokemon
Working on some seam welding, the bottom seam is nasty but hopefully paint well cover it.

Her "Hey can I take this palm pilot apart"
*she takes out batteries*
Me " uh if the batteries are out for more than a minute it loses data"
*she puts them back in*
*palm begins to boot loop and erases all data*
Me " well I guess you can open it now lol"

The DEC alpha was still at the recycling center, I gave it headpats on the way out.

My partner accidentally bought 3 amd 3 boards lmao

Tw: selfie
Inspired by some -versation with @publius I actually wore my watch today.

All the local pc recycling places know us now.

It is a truth of my body, that if I don't get up by mid morning on a regular basis I well slowly become nocturnal.

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