According to the errors it was throwing out, the drive thu screen at jack in the box runs busybox.

Bought a vr headset on the cheap, and have been exploring vrchat.

Humans are not ment to drive cars. Change my mind

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You have reached the office of holorose, please hold and they will be right with you.

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Only Zune!

I have to get my cassette deck repaired.

I wanted to name the server "ram ranch" but that doesn't seem to be happening.

Seems to be winter 2014-2015 to autumn 2018 with autumn 2019

Warning: bad dubstep

Found this tape deck for a friend seems to work ok.

Fiber to the home part 1 today ****exciting****

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one-shot zine about Japanese payphones?
working on a one-shot zine about Japanese payphones.

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I gave a talk about the Networks of Philly project (, which discovers and documents cool in Philadelphia, at @iffybooks this past Saturday. For anyone interested the slides are available here in a few different formats:

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