Acme is fun but my 3 button mouse is really weird. The best we could find locally was a waterproof washable mouse, but it still has scroll buttons so that's nice.

When you order a pin and some sdf stickers, and also receive 20 anonradio stickers 😂

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The nice thing about python on emacs is if you forget the ":" it just doesn't indent.

Hooked up the laserdisc player today. I love the thing but damn does it look bad on a modern tv.

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Bought myself an *avocado* Trimline phone for @SDF voip, hopefully it works my voip box dosent get here till Saturday.

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The os on the corrupted itself on first update, I did want to try a different os so no biggie 🤣

update: rather then wait for the last shipment to return from NZ, they are manufacturing new ones. expected to ship out ~8/12.

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