Why do I always get the urge to read at the least opportune time?

It's like 6 hours later and I'm still chuckling at this command I ran at work today.

chown <my_user> ./libs

I chowned the libs!

Pro-tip to managers: when an employee tells you what they want from their career, don’t gaslight them and ultimately ignore them.

They’ll leave.

I just did.

I’m super pumped to finally play rugby again after 2 years! My team and I have been working hard all summer for this. We have strictly adhered to COVID protocols set forth by the CDC, and further by the regional union, the whole way through and feel very “clean” going into this. All that is left to focus on is to give a fair and honest battle to the other teams who have similarly acquiesced in the spirit of humanity.

I’ve picked up reading again. Finished “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy a couple of days ago, and began “Blood Meridian”. One thing I’ve noticed is that ever since I started reading again, I’ve had some pretty lucid dreams.

Finally feeling good again. There was a huge load lifted off my shoulders the day I stepped through the door of my home again.

I’m building up a nice routine again and so far it’s helping my brain.

Have you been forced to wear a mask and glasses at the same time?

You may be entitled to condensation. 🤣

Just finished building a custom 9.2/amd64 minimal kernel with enhanced hardening (global ASLR and PaX Segvguard), ZFS and M2 Scheduler.
Also tweaked wscons appearance by changing default console font to spleen, with default console/kernel ring buffer colors to white on blue. You can do that by setting:

options FONT_SPLEEN6x12

I think I can make use of this, I need more of this...

The BeOS 4.5 from 1999. Real-time reactive file manager GUI and a Unix shell.

I caught a frog and it totally just vibed with me. My day is already 1000x better.

»Let's not get into conspiracy theory territory. The reality is they fuck everything up by themselves and Microsoft never had to write a check.«

»#Gnome would be probably far better off design-wise if it didn't have a design team at all. It's hard to shake off the feeling that none of the people in that team have ever used a computer, at least certainly not to do any work.«

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Hey girls and boys - GoG is giving away the last computer game I ever worked on - Ultima Underworld 1! It also adds 2 and Syndicate. Sound like a win win win!


I partially read just one article on about and now I’m right about hyper fixated on it.

Sorry, . It’s nothing personal.

Fair warning. If you invite me over to your place and you introduce me to your pet, I will stop interacting with you and focus only on your pet.

How dramatic and ridiculous I become is simply a function of the number of pets you have.

I've been using Intellij IDEA at work for years now and, as of a few months ago, I've been trying to migrate away from it.

That said, they make it so hard to leave it!

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