"Fastly says single customer triggered bug behind mass internet outage

Flaw was introduced in May and lay dormant until a customer updated their settings, firm says".

It *was* DNS. You read it here first.


(All joke aside, this was the most ... empty explanation I have ever read. I'll be interested in a more detailed post-mortem).

i went hard today at trying to get the webapp to find my resource bundles. after several failed attempts, i was made aware of the correct magical incantation to get it working.

i've spent way too much time on this and the bulk of the work was just getting the damn pieces together. that said, it does feel good to have that weight off my shoulders.

i'm trying to used to using 'toot' as my mastodon terminal client. so if random replies from me appear in your threads, just know it's not intentional! kindly let me know and i'll try to fix it (for better or for worse ;))

i had a glowing performance appraisal yesterday. my boss said that he's proud of the work i've done.

i only wish my brain would stop trying to pick his words apart to find something that could be even slightly construed as negative.

luckily, it hasn't found anything, so i'll take that as a win.

😐️...erm, why do they do that in the first place?

Gosh I hate the feeling of wanting to do over a dozen things at the same time...

That said, I *did* hyperfixate on the OpenWiFi project not too long ago, so I guess it was time to balance that out.


Watch video from #LibrePlanet 2021: “Openwifi project: The dawn of the free/libre WiFi chip” with Xianjun Jiao @jxjputaoshu: u.fsf.org/3ci See all LP21 videos on PeerTube at u.fsf.org/pt-2021!

It's interesting to look back at old laptop lids and see the stickers I had on there. This is my Thinkpad X60 lid from when I went to uni. It would be pretty unlikely that I'd have a giant GPL sticker now, following all the license compatibility nonsense I've gone through since entering the real world. @SDF is still cool though.

This is my idea of how to relax on a Sunday evening. I re-wired a SCART cable from scratch! It's for analog RGB on my Sega Master System. The SCART cable was poorly and incorrectly wired, when I bought it, and the red output kept crapping out. Works perfectly now!

I'm not much of a gamer but I love the old 8-bit machines from the 1980s. They're really fun to play, and ROM hacking is great fun too. Alas, I don't get much time for these old machines, because of Libreboot and related activities.

I'm giving away a free legless parrot.

No perches necessary. 🤣

*cries tired tears of joy*

i finally did it! now i can go to sleep.

i think i cracked the code!

i finally updated to freebsd 12.2 and don't see those libelf complaints about invalid formats!

time to take a system snapshot real quick :)

This is what I see when I click the 'Discover' tab on toobnix.org

Perhaps, it's telling me I might be thirsty?

that an paper key from 2016 won't be recognized by current Electrum servers. I have the complete 12-word seed phrase which fails checksum but not the ECDSA key.

what miserable computer chore to do first:

OK, I’m back! Apologies for disappearing - got my 1st jab on Tuesday and unexpectedly bombed out until Wed PM. Putting together a Café 80s for @SDF / tomoz!! ❤️❤️❤️

Also, the final uptime check before system restart. The end of an era :(

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