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When the ambition of the business meets the operational reality of their systems.

"We live in a society mired in a perpetual state ofΒ information overload. And the feeling of being overwhelmed by the underwhelming isn’t something limited to just young people, but everyone."

β€” Surprise quote looking up a half-remembered 1987 anime (The Wings of HonnΓͺamise)

Szechuan-style runner beans from a friend's garden, and some fresh tofu provided by another friend β€” dining on the generosity of others ❀️

Hong shao rou today, with some Szechuan-style runner beans (and garlic mushrooms & broccoli not shown). Very happy with the flavour, but I want to try rock sugar and a longer reduction next time for the texture of the sauce.

OpenSSH 8.0
> ssh(1): When prompting whether to record a new host key, accept the key fingerprint as a synonym for "yes". This allows the user to paste a fingerprint obtained out of band at the prompt and have the client do the comparison for you.

Very nice quality-of-life enhancement!

after "brogrammer" and "brofessional" we arrived today at "devbrops" (and I'm very proud now and it was very hot today here.. :))

every silicon valley tech company CEO looks like the rugrats from the episode of rugrats where the rugrats imagine themselves as working adults but they still have their normal baby heads

Sweet potato noodles with some broccoli & asparagus, topped with a nice bit of beef

You have to admire the optimism of whoever in Amazon proposed disabling all the oldest S3 buckets πŸ˜‚

Thin-sliced sirloin tossed with a bit of vinegar & chilli oil, and a veggie/mushroom leftovers stirfry

Thai green curry made in the traditional way: with whatever we found in the fridge

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