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Gmail's "auto-suggestion while you type" thing has me worried. Do Google know something I don't?

Woman sat across from me in today's shared office on a call, head in hands: "this makes a mockery of us even having a staging server!"

The exasperation is palpable.

He turned his phone off when it was finished, so (thankfully) he's not just being a plank and listening to R4 on speaker.

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There's a guy on my train listening intently (and aloud, obviously) to the shipping forecast. Mate you're on a train from Hereford to London… what on earth is on your agenda for today?

Someone snooped my debit card details today and their first big move was to order KFC and try to get a subscription πŸ˜‚ thank you HSBC fraud team o7

Didn't realise how similar the Google Photos and Slack icons are until this latest change left these two next to each other on my home screen… The RBGY ordering is even the same.

Monzo PR must be loving this:

"…and still do not work on weekends to catch up"

Said about team leads whose performance is measured via their team members… so how would the leads working weekends even fix that?

What an absolute cock Nikolay Storonsky is.

This is currently promoted as a new game on the Switch eshop β€” β€” it looks good, but I can't help raising an eyebrow when the tagline is "it's only stealing if you get caught". Are they deliberately tangentially referencing Daggerfall as well? πŸ˜‚

Everything updated (even the router firmware because why not) and "power cycled". Further investigation reveals the culprit to be

Hmm… time for a coffee.

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Time for the traditional yuletide fixing of the CUPS setup at my parents' place.

Green curry with prawns, broccoli & carrots πŸ¦πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­

Makin' a big pot of chilli for family dinner (not shown: many beans)

Love how their choice of stock photo in this ad implies that the "business benefits" of AI aren't real

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