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Looking for an easy way to create a mock GraphQL server for your schema? Kimera, from some of my productive colleagues might be of interest lola-tech.github.io/graphql-ki

You're obviously a garbage person if you do this, but mid-June?!

@SeanAloysiusOBrien Personally I don't find the "it took a few days for anyone to contradict initial reporting" argument convincing.

If we only ever believed in-the-moment reports, and never took into account things like later-declassified reports, first-hand accounts that took a while to be collected or for people to speak out, and the years of analysis by historians then we'd have a very narrow view of events.

Also it was 1989, it's not like everyone had cameras and Twitter on their phones.

@SeanAloysiusOBrien No doubt it's portrayed as a massacre for political ends, and it's certain that most Westerners have a warped view of it as a result.

I'd not thought before about how many people probably think "tank man" got run over, but I think you're right 🙂

I do think we're on more shaky ground though if we start implying that there wasn't serious violence committed by the PLA against protestors… because I mean there are certainly first-hand accounts of that happening.

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After that big adventure with installing C&C on Windows 95 I decided to go back to a more familiar ground with the DOS version and oh my goodness.. that installation program.

Windows 95's was just a bog standard application setup.

The DOS version? Absolutely majestic.

:blobcatsurprised: :msdos:

@defocused I tuned in just in time for “say goodbye to the live listeners” 😂

@ParadeGrotesque Good point. They probably have fewer options when it comes to furloughing their staff as well…

Why are the only local restaurants still operational all terrible combi-pizza/kebab/chicken places?

I’m late to this, but did Slack really do a redesign and NOT add the ability to collapse its goddamn sidebar?

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TIL White Horse in Canada (that’s an actual place) has a “Hair Freezing Contest” every year when temps drop below insta-freeze, at the Takhini Hot Springs

And it’s all kinds of awesome

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When the ambition of the business meets the operational reality of their systems.

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