You're obviously a garbage person if you do this, but mid-June?!

When the ambition of the business meets the operational reality of their systems.

Szechuan-style runner beans from a friend's garden, and some fresh tofu provided by another friend β€” dining on the generosity of others ❀️

Hong shao rou today, with some Szechuan-style runner beans (and garlic mushrooms & broccoli not shown). Very happy with the flavour, but I want to try rock sugar and a longer reduction next time for the texture of the sauce.

Sweet potato noodles with some broccoli & asparagus, topped with a nice bit of beef

Thin-sliced sirloin tossed with a bit of vinegar & chilli oil, and a veggie/mushroom leftovers stirfry

Thai green curry made in the traditional way: with whatever we found in the fridge

Gmail's "auto-suggestion while you type" thing has me worried. Do Google know something I don't?

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