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@maiki Did you get any further into the hugo->gophermaps work you were doing?

The links at go to hidden gitlab repos now 😞

You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

yeah i use ARCH :archlinux:

Arrogantly dismissive attitude towards other linux users
Reply to every single comment mentioning windows with a long rant about privacy
Configure dotfiles for hours on a friday night
Help your uncle fix the printer

The Metrics Team (where I work) at Tor Project is hiring a third team member. We're looking for someone that will work with helping us design and refine systems for gathering and analyzing data. This can be a remote position.

Aliexpress that is a particularly weird default search suggestion

#KDEis22 and our timeline tells you everything that happened that brought us to where we are now.

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

WTB: iOS push notifications for mastodon so I’m not 12 hours behind replies.

I saw one of these on a phone box in town and it’s really touched me.
I knew about and was amazed by the dear transphobes campaign but I hadn’t come across this one.

It’s pretty amazing the police have funded a national ad campaign like this.

It’s nearly 3am and my brain won’t let me sleep.

Great. Not played this game in a while. 👎🏻

Ooooooooooo I worked out how to put tables on my profile.

That's going to be abused for fun and pleasure.

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