Just got a shiny Power Mac G5 from a garage sale for $4, just had a fun time trying to install Mac OS X 10.4 with a scratched disc on to a new hard drive. Ended up having to wipe the NVRAM/PRAM whatever it is to get the thing to start, since it was corrupted after sitting in a garage for so long. It also has an issue of crashing every once in a while. Probably since it has only 256 MB of RAM. But it has a nice dual-processor 1.8 GHz PPC G5 in it! Now to dual boot Debian for PPC on it!


Update: It actually has 2.25 GB of RAM, just the two 1 GB sticks weren't properly seated when I bought it. Some compressed air and some pressure fixed it. Still crashing all the time, though... It runs a bit, and then freezes a couple minutes in. Anyone have any advice? I've tried dusting and re-seating mostly everything, except the CPU and non-removable parts.

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