@snowdusk_ I've always wondered, how did you find SDF, and what are a few things you do on it besides aNONradio?

@herronjo @snowdusk_ I found SDF because I made a ham radio contact and looked up the person on Their write up included a comment about, a shared unix system. I did some reading and joined.

@adamd Sweet! I've recently became interested in ham radio since I heard SDFARC on aNONradio, but I haven't tried for a license yet and I don't have the money for ham radio equipment.

@herronjo sorry I forgot to respond to this toot!! I found SDF around 2003 when I was looking for a replacement for Geocities, i.e. free homepage. I did not know what I was getting into! I had no knowledge of UNIX back then. I eventually learned UNIX through SDF 👍👍 my homepage has been with SDF since then

@snowdusk_ It's okay! That's really cool! I'm relatively new to SDF compared to you, and I was pretty young when GeoCities shut down, but I found SDF when I was stumbling around in the Gopherspace. I think I found Floodgap, and just went from there until I came across SDF

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