This is absolutely ridiculous. No ISP should ever have this power. Not surprised it's AT&T doing it though, but still.

I saw a suggestion about putting the board in the oven, but I'm uneasy about putting a 15 year old motherboard in the oven. I also don't know what temp, and for how long.

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Late June 2004 PowerMac G5 suffers from the reflow solder problem, where the G5 thinks the RAM failed POST testing. Tried new RAM, for sure it's the motherboard.

Anyone in the Fediverse have any suggestions to easily reflow the solder on the motherboard? After some research I found the location on the board I need to heat up, but the spot has a heat-sink right on the back of it, and a heat gun doesn't get hot enough.

Update: It actually has 2.25 GB of RAM, just the two 1 GB sticks weren't properly seated when I bought it. Some compressed air and some pressure fixed it. Still crashing all the time, though... It runs a bit, and then freezes a couple minutes in. Anyone have any advice? I've tried dusting and re-seating mostly everything, except the CPU and non-removable parts.

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Just got a shiny Power Mac G5 from a garage sale for $4, just had a fun time trying to install Mac OS X 10.4 with a scratched disc on to a new hard drive. Ended up having to wipe the NVRAM/PRAM whatever it is to get the thing to start, since it was corrupted after sitting in a garage for so long. It also has an issue of crashing every once in a while. Probably since it has only 256 MB of RAM. But it has a nice dual-processor 1.8 GHz PPC G5 in it! Now to dual boot Debian for PPC on it!

@SDF Enable Keybase integration for Mastodon once they work everything out and make it easier to integrate? I think that would be cool.

ssh and login as visitor. It is time to put the old SDF 3B2 back online to celebrate part of SDF’s past. The machine is running now and through March 23rd and 24th in

@snowdusk_ I've always wondered, how did you find SDF, and what are a few things you do on it besides aNONradio?

@SDF Run a Friendica instance along with the Mastodon one? Then you could have Twitter AND Facebook like sites under the same network! Cover it all in the Fediverse!

@SDF Woohoo! Main site is back up! Don't know about ssh yet, but I presume so?

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lets help @snowdusk_ beat his record of 45 listeners. lets hit 60 listeners tonight and celebrate the on a live set

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