When you're too busy listening to @snowdusk_'s awesome Intergalactic Wasabi Mix that you forget to text your girlfriend good night like you do every night.

I am really enjoying my conversation with @zelbrium and @herronjo on OpenVoIP

Speak to @herronjo he is on the SDF VoIP conference bridge right now! 📞🤡

call 206-299-2120 ext 1088 or simply ext 1088 on your SDF VoIP!

Thank you for tuning in and for your patience! ❤️

You can listen to the audio recording of the live show from our archives here is the link 👉 anonradio.net/archive/20181205 There should be no audio issues there! 👍

Our sysadmins have been doing some tests and my show was IT lol 😝 they are just trying to do the test in real world situation that's why


Please help anonradio.net!!! Please check out our anonradio.net fundraiser page here 👉 anonradio.net/donate 👏👏

I will be livestreaming on anonradio.net in less than an hour! Please tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix from 01:00-02:00 UTC 👾 2nite is & nite! 🎹 🎶 Let me know if you have any 80s synthpop/new wave requests by private msg on Mastodon, IRC (irc.sdf.org) or SDF COMMODE chat ('com') ✌️If I have the song I will play it! 😅💦

Here's how to tune in! 👉 anonradio.net/listen OR anonradio.net:8000/anonradio

tonite is also a fundraiser special! anonradio.net/donate CYA!

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