@jcbrand I was setting up an XMPP server and discovered you and your website. Hello, I am hat. Interesting reads. I wish I had set up XMPP in 2015 as I intended to and I would have stumbled upon your Google writing much earlier and would have not had to have come up with the same thoughts independently I would have had your help.

Oh wow. I had no idea to be honest I thought it was a delayed response due to beauraucraucy .

I am so sad that they just let it burn. In the U.S. there would have been every fire truck w a hose available fighting the blaze and a flight squadron of tankers w water making rounds....

@anarchistquotes Anarchy only sounds good when one is under socialism.

@rolledgoats Hey I'm new too sort of. What is your thing? I'm into crypto and data analytics and python programming of course Linux.

@fuuko I just recently completed my flight from the technocratic authoritarians. I have my local fiber network after petitioning my neighborhood to get it extended and even though I use a Google Pixel XL 2 I have Lineage OS and microG services on it instead of Android and Google Play Svcs. :) Next is goodbye Banking. Hello Crypto and attempted anonymity.

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