no show tonight as ive just had surgery and am resting. God bless and stay tuned. all is well

@hardmous Hope all is well. We're listening to one of your archives and hanging out in com. Its a good one too! Hope your feeling great right away!

@adamd ooh yeah this was a good one. maybe a year ago? 130 bpm i think

@adamd the rerun feature is fantastic now, my network stack is mostly fixed for next show

hope you get totally better and well, dude.... we miss you!!! 🤠

@hardmous Please get well soon and praying for your fast recovery 🙏🍀

@hardmous Feel better soon. I hope all goes well with your recovery!

@hardmous recover well sir 🤕 loving your “classic” archive. Just woke up in time to catch the last 40 before we get (‘d) by @snowdusk

PS - the track streamed at 00:28 UTC is freaking perfect wake up music. 🎶🧙‍♂️👨‍🎨

Catch you in text mode once I get my morning together👨‍💻

@tbn97 @snowdusk thx man - was nice to hear an old show, big fan of the rerun feature

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