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my dad's old band's rendition of the song Apache, most famously played by The Shadows.

dad plays the bass on this.

the band was called Noon.

i should probably ask him how they decided on this name.

this MP3 was recorded on a 90s or 00s sound card off an Onkyo tape deck off a cassette tape off what was probably a 2-track tape recorder at a local radio studio that my dad helped wire up.

i guess it's not half-bad considering it's something like 40 years old at this point.

It's almost that time of the week! For this sixth episode of the , let's listen to the Juan Luis Guerra! Only the fastest beats and tunes this time! Descubrelo Friday at 10 pm EDT/0200 UTC on @tilderadio and Saturday at 8 pm EDT/0000 UTC on @SDF .

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Back home from the gym and quite hungry. Time to heat up some dinner and then get cleaned up. to @hardmous in the meantime. 🎶 👍

I’m surprised pogs haven’t made a comeback with kids today

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