@hardmous yeah. "the shit was still in the tub. I didn't wanna take a bath anyway"

The media's assault on Trump speaking positively about any kind of prophylactic, that merged into the open "let's all agree to lie about anything that might reduce vaccine uptake" discussion of the asterisk on SAFE AND EFFECTIVE* that is 'vaccine hesitancy',
... what's the big problem with it, anyway?
Why shouldn't the state, in general, lie to you in ways that encourage you to take better care of yourself? Sure, this was a monumental screwup that definitely killed more people than a 'pandemic' did, but maybe next time the state will have the exact right idea and all conspiracy theorists will be wrong! Who knows?

The big problem with it is that the state's actors aren't smart enough to properly process the state's own lies. So you don't get zinc in your home-care kit with earnest instructions to take it while the TV blares that zinc probably causes spontaneous heart explosion because Trump said it was helpful. Instead you get nothing in your home-care kit. The image on the right might as well be fucking blank.
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