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Just added FOUR NEW SHIRTS!!! Check out UNIX Dog for all your vintage computer/geek T-shirts! Tell your friends! We also do custom shirts on request at no extra cost to you!

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Happy Independence Day!

In 1847 the Catholic bishops of the United States consecrated our country to the Immaculate Conception.

O my God, through the intercession of Mary, have mercy on the United States of America. Grant us peace. Have mercy on our president and on all the officers of our government. Grant us a fruitful economy, born of justice and charity. Have mercy on capital and industry and labor. Protect the family life of the nation. Guard the precious gift of religious vocations. Have mercy on the sick, the tempted, sinners and on all who are in need.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

@hardmous this was the track i was trying to look for in my collection to follow hoochie mama unfortunately i wasn't fast enough because i could not remember the artists name!!! LOL

DJ @hardmous is livestreaming now on aNONradio -- 3 hours of non-stop LIVE electronic dance music mix from 22:00-01:00+1 UTC/6-9PM EDT! !

Here's how to tune in:

is a front-end that
allows users to access their home
instance via a browser like ! there is no setup aside from specifying an instance and logging in.

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