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Just added FOUR NEW SHIRTS!!! Check out UNIX Dog for all your vintage computer/geek T-shirts! Tell your friends! We also do custom shirts on request at no extra cost to you!

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is a front-end that
allows users to access their home
instance via a browser like ! there is no setup aside from specifying an instance and logging in.

Hello from the internet basement 👽 Pls tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me on ! Coming up in about 10 minutes ... just right after DJ hardmous! 🤖

here's how to tune in:

(this artwork courtesy of DJ @hardmous !!)

@MG @hardmous What was there first common application with default colour-scheme of white text on blue background? WordPerfect? It couldn't have been earlier than 1981 when CGA came out for the IBM PC.

@papa @hardmous WP 5.1 was released in 1989, I think the first use of the color scheme appeared in in 1982 on the C-64. Start up Screen was White Text and Blue Background.

@hardmous A friend of mine is still mad she lost her Wang calculator. Live in ONE HOUR! Every Sat night at 10 PM UTC time!

here's how to tune in: point your media player to (link:
also on Twitch (link:
DONATE (link:

No show tonight again, dogs. However, I do have two new tracks - dropping next...

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