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I think I'm being followed by a few bots. They must be interested in my really insightful comments here.

It's time for Letters to Cleo. It's probably always time for that 🕑

I'm probably an idiot but I'm struggling to ssh into my ipv6-only instance on Vultr. I wish it were as straightforward as ipv4 ssh

I needed to read up on yum commands. Had to type `man yum` into my terminal.

I realize most of you don't care about sports, but the Bears are really fun to watch this year. It's about time!

BTW, for my nerdy friends, if you aren't following CuriousMarc on Youtube you should be. He and his friends do epic vintage computing restorations and other things. His videos are usually frakkin epic, but the latest series may be THE MOST epic. The restoration of an Apollo Guidance Computer.

Watched the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. It's been a while since I first saw it.

The acting was pretty bad, particularly from the actress playing Kris. Nancy had very little personality, and the guys in this movie were impossible to care about.

Freddy was good, but talks too much. The movie really lacks the tension of the original. The exposition was a bit sloppy and forced.

It was ok. I don't think it's going to be a revisit for me for a long while.

Bojangles sweet tea is so famous I didn't even know they had sweet tea

My daughter was singing in the Veteran's Day play today.. and wore a british heart t-shirt. Her explanation: "I forgot!"

You haven't lived until you've watched 10-11yo girl's softball on a chilly November night.

Also wtf is Cam Newton doing right now?

My old dog couldn't get into my hatchback to go for a run today. I think that is a good indicator that she's nearing the end of her life. 🐾


Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What did the vampire doctor shout out in his waiting room? 

"Necks, please!"

I turned the Devils game on and they were down 3-2. I helped my youngest get ready for bed and now, maybe 10 real life minutes later, they're down 5-2. WHAT HAPPENED

Thinking of buying the Neo Geo Mini when it comes out.

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