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Anyone looking to hire a full stack dev for remote (full-time)? I need a smaller company.

Trump getting a nice 50-50 mix of boos and cheers on the field there

A few weeks back, I ordered some new single coil-sized humbuckers for my zebrawood strat. Last weekend, I decided to finally wire it up, although I have never done it before. I messed it up a bit. Something was off - quiet output, STRONG hum (bad grounding).

I spent hours working on it and it was incredibly deflating. After letting it sit during the week, I picked it back up, resoldered the connections, added some more ground wires.

It's working after 30 mins of work. Needed a clear head :\

Three things:

1. I sold my Fender Jazz Bass today on reverb. Just shipped it out.

2. My G&L Fallout arrived today and it's pretty cool looking, sounds nice, and plays easily.

3. I'm on vacation for a week!

I just listed some gear on the Facebook marketplace. My wife assures me it will get more views than Craigslist or Reverb, but I'm not so sure.

I love working from home. It's so quiet and peaceful

We have these higher ups at work always talking up how many employees we have, how many more we've hired this year, how many more we will hire next year. I don't understand it.

We have a fundamental problem with people and teams taking ownership over pieces because there's always someone else to pass the buck to.

On one hand, I understand that position; why be the owner of something that will be used by thousands of people who are very junior?

On the other, COME ON!

I'm the only person from my team that came into the office today. Hmm, I should go home

Two grand, huh? I know a guy who can turn that into $800.. and it's me.

I really should've called off work today. No one is around.

Got a Simmons DA200S for my electronic drums today. Sounds great. Loud enough that the kids ran away. Also traded in an older Fender Frontman 38W for a new Boss Katan 50W guitar amp.

I love the built in effects. The old analog pedal chain is just not for me. I'm not a professional musician, nor do I play out.

If you're interested in listening to some of my music, check out my soundcloud: - Song recs: Citron, No Defense, Un Deux, 10:02, Dream State

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