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I think that's a fair assessment. I haven't really been to any good conferences as a whole

Had a discussion about conferences with our director. My argument is that the uselessness of 95% of conference talks that are dull/bland/boring massively outweighs the 5% that aren't a total trainwreck. Though if you're going for the networking, I think that's a different case

Today was one of those days where everything at work, everything about my company, everything about my team made me want to quit

I could be wrong, but this Alabama-Georgia game seems like it's the real national championship game. I don't think anyone wants to play these teams

So many breweries around here. I don't know how they stay in business

I hate referrals, but I'm doing it anyway. I've been using Fi for a year and they've finally opened it up to all phones. It's cheap and the service is great, so if you're thinking of switching carriers and don't mind Google, give it a go.
You can get $20 in credit using my stupid link:

I think I'm being followed by a few bots. They must be interested in my really insightful comments here.

It's time for Letters to Cleo. It's probably always time for that 🕑

I'm probably an idiot but I'm struggling to ssh into my ipv6-only instance on Vultr. I wish it were as straightforward as ipv4 ssh

Joe Tessitore is pretty good when he's getting excited about calling the game. He was yelling quite a few times last night

I needed to read up on yum commands. Had to type `man yum` into my terminal.

I realize most of you don't care about sports, but the Bears are really fun to watch this year. It's about time!

BTW, for my nerdy friends, if you aren't following CuriousMarc on Youtube you should be. He and his friends do epic vintage computing restorations and other things. His videos are usually frakkin epic, but the latest series may be THE MOST epic. The restoration of an Apollo Guidance Computer.

Video games 

But then you'll miss out on people spamming
What a save!
every time you miss the ball in net

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