Everyone be sure to donate if you love aNONradio.net !

This is a far less expensive PBS pledge drive - anything you can donate will help bring you quality streams and fix some of the bugs.

@cat @snowdusk_ @anondjdan @mnw @elwin @dokuja @SDF @iiogama @barnacle @bobjonkman


@hardmous @cat @snowdusk_ @anondjdan @mnw @elwin @dokuja @SDF @iiogama @barnacle @bobjonkman

I donated and here's why.

I got into anonradio through Mastodon. And I learned so much about streaming radio and icecasting with the openmic show and the helpful djs.

Now I look forward to openmic, especially the active nights where several of us are sharing songs.

You don't have to be a dj on anonradio to stream on openmic and learn about icecasting. You can start by listening and chatting.

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