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Tune in to froggyMe's Fantastic Fantasy livestreaming now in

@bradfonseca gracious bout curiosity is catk1111er stuff subway to pass root scene in France last 12,240,00Mins ago since 0.23 seconds

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Your Net Control Operator tonight is NB0X aka SDF member @nonlinear

Question for today -- What brought you to ?

If you are a hamradio operator check in! Techlink Node 9229 on Echolink

Check out SDF Amateur Radio Club's official homepage here

SDFARC Net is livestreaming now, have a listen 👉

heh I've been out on Twitter sharing live videos and new YouTube Intellectual Property associated with ZEPTAR HAX. Wilbur is winning over me and under ZEPTAR HAX HP Shadowslayer is fourth or fith with ZEPTAR HAX #1 aGAIN @SDF @moonman

@moonman i woke up late but still made it to school wandering the halls dressed like a fool.

@moonman set up a satellite deploy and tell @nasa it was a weather orbital/geoipfinder

@moonman my postal area designated GEOIP WAS MY PASSWORD SO i think that falls under bad password practiced hiw are you today?

@tomasino @cat @catk111er @snowdusk_ hey what the radio say? i could be a DJ? okay i was practicing on open mic last night! big ups to all the DJs, mail hackermo.txt fediverse -l

@snowdusk_ are you better homie snow trees? i have not been attentive to the calling of DJ in as much as I would like and hope you feel better enough to have fun on tonight.

@moonman Yo! im in my parents basement hosting hidden srv then got hit like homie dan! trying to migrate wiping both pcs like a boosie badasz

@moonman >never answer the door, never check the mail, never go swimming, never pay the rent on time and always get grocery booty IRL and never online delivery

no mp3 posting from mastodon so that sux.

life haxoring

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