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@moonman the 500 character limit makes mastodon unfavorable for giant long posts but other than that it talks to us at ShipoClu just fine. Im still going to try and run an instance from my laptop in the future for

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@moonman i blame it all on @hackermo for even this good as email on the WLAN side. Please unlock it for me! :-P

@moonman real love? i just keep getting dissed by every girl to come my way and show me any interest so IDK im kind of jaded by real love or the very concept that it may or may not exist for me. I hope it does and I am doing more healthy coping but my heart really turned sour the other day as I was thinking about how wronged I have been in the love game as of late. If you know any body please include me in a cc: @zep and I are looking for a girl to marry before its too late, within 6 years halp

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@moonman thanks! that is definate good one for me which im going to run through gimp 2 before i switcharoo, im over here after recieving an email saying that this mastodon instance is more used than the super dimension fortress free UNIX shell itself! im trying to hack this A name for banky but its locked still so i could choose a different one and see if those are locked if not dont tell anyone my official web page is official now. why gnu-social qvitter over mastadon? i downloaded the 80 Mb GS

@mattcen Operand Neutral Programming because inside of every boy is a girl from the first day cc: @snowdusk_

@laemeur very good illustration on the mech UNIX terminal, please print it on a tshirt cc: @smj

@cat hax hax hax hax and i love cats! nice industrial LOW-WIRE episode on anonradio!

@moonman calm like a bomb? or calm like the window manager? 'sent by @zep re: mastodon vs. qvitter

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"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko