@northernlights @pizza_pal @claudiom @kelbot @darkstar @dctrud_ @snowdusk__ @jirka @publius @apiziali The freebie Sport is really zippy!! 12.4 mph going 15.5 miles, half downhill and half up, which I guess is good for a bike newb like me. Certainly faster than a folder. All this needs is fenders, a rack, sprung seat, and a kickstand, and it will be so awesome. The shifters and brakes are amazing!

Fun with my this morning! He came for the long , excited to explore the trails. My dad rode a blue 5-speed 1969 while I rode the folding green 3-speed 1981 . We took the CCT to , saw the Back to the Future on the National Mall, and continued to Gravelly Point via the Mt. Vernon Trail and the Memorial Bridge. We then returned north to the Cemetery stop to take the subway back to .

I had a beautiful 30 mile ride including to via the Capital Crescent and the full Loop! 13 miles with a from NoVa. We have a folding bikes . I also saw take off at Gravelly Point. Can't wait to do this again and see more sights! @darkstar @claudiom @apiziali @robert588 @publius @jirka @pizza_pal

This week on the let's enjoy the , , and of local LA artist Ricardo Lemvo! Better yet, he agreed to do an interview for a future show!!! Can't wait to share that on , , , and ! Friday at 10 pm EDT on @tilderadio and Saturday at 8 pm EDT on @SDF

Some newer, better photos of this #400 road I have in the for $200. It's a 19"/48 cm frame so quite short for me but perfect for someone between 5'0" and 5'6".

Sooooo I found this #5110 this morning. Family's first back in 2001 or so...

@Maya @maperal @claudiom @snowdusk @huitlacoche @tbn97 @dokuja @antonio @Gemlog In just 30 minutes on tilderadio is the special 11th episode of the ! This time different renditions of Guantanamera, La Bamba, and El Manicero! Tune in soon!

If anyone in the area wants to buy a , let me know! $200 OBO for this refurbished from 1983! Very light, strong chromoly.

At least this photo from the outside is very representative of the food.

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@Maya @claudiom @dokuja @kelbot @robert588 @pizza_pal @darkstar @apiziali What a wonderful morning bike ride, starting at about 6:30 am! So satisfying to see the National Cathedral in the morning sun. A true capital crescent (haha), or, um, waning quarter, or egg slice, from Bethesda to Georgetown via Wisconsin Avenue and the Capital Crescent Trail.

@claudiom @Maya @maperal @snowdusk @antonio @lohang @huitlacoche @Gemlog @hardmous @buttstuf@tilde.zone It's Friday! TGIF. Tonight at 10pm EDT on tilderadio enjoy a fresh baked episode of the with Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorquino.

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