@normandc @robert588 @pizza_pal @darkstar @jirka @publius @snowdusk @claudiom @RJF @kelbot @stug @cosullivan @ParadeGrotesque @gemlog @elb Another day, another ride for the bikeforums Clunker 100 (mile) challenge. After applying a metric ton of elbow grease, the Suntour Honor finally shifts fine again. It paid off with a 15.2 mile ride at 15.8 mph average to podunk little Darrtown, OH! 39 of 100 miles done.


@normandc @robert588 @pizza_pal @darkstar @jirka @publius @snowdusk @claudiom @RJF @kelbot @stug @cosullivan @ParadeGrotesque @gemlog @elb Key things were lubing cable, adjusting high screw, and reducing cable tension. Here are some more photos from the Sycamore Bluffs area beside Four Mile Creek on the way there.

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