It's time for the 15th live episode of the Friday at 10 pm EDT/0200 UTC on (! Saturday again at 8 pm EDT on SDF ( This week enjoy my exclusive interview with the great Angolan American , , , and master . His interview is immediately followed by his hits I missed in the first episode!

@cosullivan I am sorry to hear you had pains today! So glad this helped. You will love the interview. Ricardo is really accomplished and super approachable. Also became successful in the music business without classical training!

@guofu Recién llegue a casa con los chicos, así que escucharé mañana por la noche y por los archivos. 😎

@Maya, te debo un baile! 🕺🏻💃😜

@maperal @huitlacoche @snowdusk__ @trebach @antonio @johnm @adamd @dokuja @xavavu @cosullivan @Gemlog @northernlights

@guofu thanks for the great show. I will be back tomorrow

@guofu I'll be listening in for the first part since I need to leave the house for a moment, but I'll jump back on COM once I return (I'll be there idle). @Maya @maperal @snowdusk__ @trebach @antonio @johnm @adamd @dokuja @huitlacoche @xavavu @cosullivan @Gemlog @northernlights

Not always easy catching the live show. Thanks for making the archive available !

@guofu Just finished watching this. Loved it! What a fascinating personality! So many languages, cultures and worlds seem to intersect. Now listening to some of his music. Too bad I missed the live show and chat today because of the thunderstorm. Hoping to tune in to aNON \o/

@lohang Thank you! Yes he is a true polyglot. Hoping you can make it tonight for the anonradio show!

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