Fun with my this morning! He came for the long , excited to explore the trails. My dad rode a blue 5-speed 1969 while I rode the folding green 3-speed 1981 . We took the CCT to , saw the Back to the Future on the National Mall, and continued to Gravelly Point via the Mt. Vernon Trail and the Memorial Bridge. We then returned north to the Cemetery stop to take the subway back to .

@guofu @claudiom @dctrud_ @pizza_pal @publius @peron @robert588 @kelbot @apiziali @Gemlog @jirka During our holiday the last two weeks, my wife and I did ride 50~60 km per day, total just below 500 km :) (Mostly bicycle paths with hard surface, but also some bicycle paths in forests, with less hard surface).

@darkstar @claudiom @dctrud_ @pizza_pal @publius @peron @robert588 @kelbot @apiziali @Gemlog @jirka That's wonderful! In the Netherlands? 30-36 mi per day? Nice! I'm going to get up to that hehe.

@kelbot It sure was! 3 speed bikes are really growing on me as are folders. I can accelerate/decelerate so quickly and maneuver so well. I saw a Brompton and Dahon on my journey, lol! The Dahon rider carried a little toy dog in her bike basket and the doggo loved it lol.

@guofu it’s guapofu Sr.! 😄 you’ve got really cool folding bike there! 👍

@snowdusk__ Hehe, thanks snowy! It was only $100 and I got it to replace the blue bike, but that got fixed easily. It's now seen over 110 miles in a month in the DC metro area! Hopefully a lot more soon. Great solid 80s Japanese construction 😉

@guofu wow! that was a really good deal! Also, congratulations on the sale of your old bike 👏

@snowdusk__ Thanks! The short blue road bike sold to a young woman moving to NYC. She liked how light and strong the chromoly frame was.

@guofu chromoly seems better than aluminum. My bike frame now is aluminum. Next time I'll get a chromoly one but they are more expensive

@snowdusk__ Oh really! Yeah you get the damping of steel and the weight of aluminum (approximately).

@guofu steel frame is still the best I think... as in they last a long time but then they are heavy. I used a steel framed bike for 5 years and it was my primary mode of transportation when I was in Japan. I rode it on hills and I was fine.. but I was younger then haha. IDK if I can still do that now

@snowdusk__ Oh agreed. My dad rode the heavy hi-tensile steel Schwinn this morning. Chromoly is still steel but stronger and lighter though.

@guofu aha! Chromoly it is for my next purchase! 👍👍

btw i found the bike I was talking about. In Japan they call this kind of bike "mamachari" (mama's+chariot)... or simply "chari".

These bikes are very common mode of transportation throughout Japan. BTW this bike is owned by my employer, the City, so they actually sent it for repair and paid for it when needed --- it was also properly registered! LOL 😅 i thought that was cute

@snowdusk__ Haha, bike licenses lol. Nice bike! It sounds like a cruiser in US terms? The photos remind me of the hefty bulletproof bikeshare bikes I see in DC and elsewhere.

As I told @kelbot I never thought I would love 3-speed (usually cruiser) bikes so much but I do. For the types of hills I come across in DC 3 speeds is enough.

@guofu @kelbot yyes!! bike licence lol that's the red sticker you see at the bike of the bike haha yes kind of like a cruiser for us here in north america. These bikes are really heavy! It's the steel!

@guofu @snowdusk__ A lot of times those steel cruiser bikes frames aren't all that heavy but the old ones usually had quite heavy steel rims, stem, handlebars etc as well. The old steel bikes I've rebuilt with more modern aluminum parts are not too bad at all!

@kelbot @snowdusk__ Oooh good to know! Yeah I should have grabbed myself a Raleigh Twenty a decade ago. Now that DC Red Line frequency went up I see myself biking to and from the station with the Huffy folder every day.

@snowdusk__ Also 3 speeds are easy to maintain because they have just one external gear. I should also say I never thought I would like folding bikes so much. Compact, easy to start and stop, and much tighter turn radius given the small wheels and short wheelbase.

@snowdusk__ Is that you on the bike? 🙂

Is it single speed or does it have an IGH?

@guofu Yes that was me riding the bike haha Surprisingly this one had no gears!!! Only 1 speed. I actually surprise myself now that I could ride this on hills at that time with a huge bag on my back and other stuff in the basket to and from the different schools I used to teach there! But then I was much younger then lol

@guofu it had a clamp brake. I don't know the proper name for it. And there is this tiny loop-like lock that simply goes around the front (or back?) tire so the tire does not move. It's a common lock used in bikes in Japan. Then you can simply leave it anywhere bike parking is allowed. Almost no one steals bikes in Japan haha

@guofu forgot to mention - the headlight is powered by the wheels. I thought that was really cool. haha. No batteries needed! 👍

@snowdusk__ That's awesome! I have seen those bike dynamos. Noice.

Ha how adorable! This bike looks like it served you well.

@mnw @guofu It did!! It has taken me to so many places and served me well. Just one bike for the entire 5 years. Used it more than 2x a day. They are really sturdy!

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