@Maya @maperal @claudiom @snowdusk @hardmous It's that time of the week again! Time for the eighth episode of the copacetic music hour! This time featuring legendary folk musician of the Brazilian desert northeast Luiz Gonzaga. Tune in at 10 pm EDT tomorrow on @tilderadio or 8 pm EDT on Saturday at .

@Maya @maperal @claudiom @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio About an hour until the show everyone!!

@Maya @maperal @claudiom @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio Now less than 30 minutes

@guofu Awesome. Glad you're still doing it, but only if you feel well enough to do it. 🙏 @Maya @maperal @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio

@claudiom @Maya @maperal @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio I am surprisingly OK, just some wincing from bruises but nothing mind-numbingly painful like multiple wasp stings I got in each foot when accidentally mowing over a yellow jacket nest. That needed tons of ice and showers.

@guofu 👀 @Maya @maperal @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio

@claudiom @Maya @maperal @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio Thanks for your concern ClaudioM! If I feel bad I will stop.

@maperal @claudiom @Maya @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio Yo me había caído de mi bicicleta porque un camión me golpeó del lado izquierda

@maperal @claudiom @Maya @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio I am OK because I 1) always wear a helmet, 2) the driver stopped promptly after hitting me, and 3) I have bruises instead of broken bones, in three main spots (left knee, bum, and elbow).

@maperal @claudiom @Maya @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio Quite coincidentally enough, there's a Juan Luis Guerra song for this like every occasion. El Niagara en Bicicleta

@maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio BTW all, live now!!

@maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio Now the most famous Luiz Gonzaga tune, Asa Branca!

@guofu @Maya @antonio @claudiom @snowdusk @huitlacoche @Gemlog @hardmous @buttstuf @tilderadio No conocía nada de este músico. No tenía idea de su existencia. Me ha gustado un montón 🤓👏🥰

@maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio Mi placer para compartirlo!

@maperal Yo tampoco, pero me alegro mucho de descubrirlo gracias a @guofu! 😁 🎶 @Maya @snowdusk @hardmous @tilderadio

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