@claudiom @maperal @huitlacoche@social.politicaconciencia.org @tilderadio @SDF @snowdusk @cosullivan @peron @ffuentes @Maya @peef @johnm @adamd @xmanmonk @dokuja@cybre.ninja @northernlights @tyn @hardmous @mnw @mcornick @tbn97 @antonio@mas.to That's great to hear! Glad I taught you something lol. Four more tracks all!


@maperal @claudiom @huitlacoche@social.politicaconciencia.org @tilderadio @SDF @snowdusk @cosullivan @peron @ffuentes @Maya @peef @johnm @adamd @xmanmonk @dokuja@cybre.ninja @northernlights @tyn @hardmous @mnw @mcornick @tbn97 @antonio@mas.to Thanks for listening peeps! On anonradio again tomorrow at 0000 UTC/8 pm EDT.

@maperal @claudiom @huitlacoche@social.politicaconciencia.org @tilderadio @SDF @snowdusk @cosullivan @peron @ffuentes @Maya @peef @johnm @adamd @xmanmonk @dokuja@cybre.ninja @northernlights @tyn @hardmous @mnw @mcornick @tbn97 @antonio@mas.to Less than 45 minutes til the anonradio re-run!

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