It's almost that time of the week! For this sixth episode of the , let's listen to the Juan Luis Guerra! Only the fastest beats and tunes this time! Descubrelo Friday at 10 pm EDT/0200 UTC on @tilderadio and Saturday at 8 pm EDT/0000 UTC on @SDF .

@snowdusk @cosullivan @peron @ffuentes @Maya @maperal

@tilderadio @SDF @snowdusk @cosullivan @peron @ffuentes @Maya @maperal Sorry for the tweet edit all, I had to replace meringue with merengue to have a clear conscience.

@tilderadio @SDF @snowdusk @cosullivan @peron @ffuentes @Maya @maperal @claudiom Ugh too!! Grrr, at least I remember in time

@guofu Ojala puedo participar. Vamos a estar preparando esa noche para salir el dia siguiente a nuestras vacaciones para la semana que viene. @tilderadio @SDF @snowdusk @cosullivan @peron @ffuentes @Maya @maperal

@guofu Nos vamos a pasar la semana en la playa. 🏖️💯 @tilderadio @SDF @snowdusk @cosullivan @peron @ffuentes @Maya @maperal

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