Excited for the next episode of my in about 20 minutes on @tilderadio! Tonight featuring the great Gilberto Gil! Repeat episode tomorrow at 0000 UTC on @SDF . @claudiom @cosullivan @snowdusk @peef @publius @jasmaz @maperal @Maya @mcornick @xiled @mnw @robert588 @adamd @johnm

@tilderadio @SDF @claudiom @cosullivan @snowdusk @peef @publius @jasmaz @maperal @Maya @mcornick @xiled @mnw @robert588 @adamd @johnm Thanks all for listening! A few bonus tracks now, including Vamos Figure for Antonio!

@tilderadio @SDF @claudiom @cosullivan @snowdusk @peef @publius @jasmaz @maperal @Maya @mcornick @xiled @mnw @robert588 @adamd @johnm Repeat episode on in 45 minutes on . This time pre-recorded with mixxx and streamed with ezstream. @ffuentes @peron @hardmous

@tilderadio @SDF @claudiom @cosullivan @snowdusk @peef @publius @jasmaz @maperal @Maya @mcornick @xiled @mnw @robert588 @adamd @johnm @ffuentes @peron @hardmous Thanks all for tuning in yesterday and today. I will be posting the archived recording ASAP.

@guofu @tilderadio I'm listening to tilderadio, writing a letter, although I am not on tilderadio chat.

@guofu I am indeed enjoying it. It's like extending the daylight. I may have to apply sunscreen while listening indoors. @tilderadio

@guofu great stuff guapofu! 👏👏👏 😍 tuned in now! also i see you now on irc LOL

@guofu you're very welcome! muito obrigado to you too 🙏🙏🙏🙏

@guofu awesome!! 👍👍 did you use a previous version of ezstream or the most current stable one?

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