@guofu @Maya @maperal @cr0n0s @ffuentes @John @SDF All the political spectrum in Ecuador lacks experience. Lawfare practices are becoming typical in the region, where the Judiciary is not democratically elected and is entrenched defending real power.
Perú on the other hand have a strong power-party, but right wing Fujimorism lacked any ability to cope with the world changes. It's a XIX century structure. Perhaps that just works for Peru. IMO the unionist candidate has little chances on winning.


@peron @Maya @maperal @cr0n0s @ffuentes @John @SDF Good to hear your thoughts. I have seen (unionist? laborist?) Castillo moderating his proposals and leading in the polls, though there is a month until the election. PPC/VN/APP did endorse Keiko (bleh).

@guofu @Maya @maperal @cr0n0s @ffuentes @John @SDF The Peruvian political system is characterized by its highly fragmented new political parties, mostly leans to the right and far-right.

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