Hmmm, should I start on in a few weeks? What should I ? Tips desired!

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@guofu I'd love to hear some chicha if the populace favours South American beats.

@cosullivan chicha? I follow some huayno performers from Junin/Huancavelica. I also listen to cumbia. Would love to learn about chica.

@guofu Juanaco y Su Combo is a good place to start.
I was introduced to the music of Tim Maia a few years ago.

@cosullivan Oooh nice! I've heard Tim Maia before. Gilberto Gil of course. Eva Ayllon, going back to Peru. You follow Miski Takiy episodes on TVPeru?

@guofu I don't. I know only of some chicha (Juaneco, not Juanaco) and Os Mutantes, Tim Maia, Caetano Veloso.

@cosullivan I should play Joe Arroyo of course. Also Wilson Manyoma.

@cosullivan Oooh so lol, chicha is Peruvian cumbia, right? That's perfect. TIL. Thanks for teaching me.

@peron @cosullivan Wow! Why pick out songs with all these noice suggestions! Gracias peron.

@cosullivan @guofu Hahha Ayahuasca is also a weird amazonic hallucinogen plant. Shamans there still trip on that as if they were flying in a fluorescent Concorde... 😆

@peron The pronunciation of Ayahuasca to English-language speakers sounds like "Why you ask-a" @guofu

@cosullivan @guofu 😆 A friend of mine went to Perú tried that junk. Sadly she got a VERY bad trip. She described a somewhat horrible dissociative experience (hallucination). But you know, people wants to try "new experiences".

@peron @cosullivan Hey, don't go to Peru for that, go for the chicha morada, ceviche, lomo saltado, y pollo a la brasa! Maybe cuy if you like bones lol. Seriously, Peruvian cuisine is the bomb :)

@guofu @cosullivan That's what I said to her! But no, she wanted hard shamanic secret drugs... 😑

@peron @cosullivan Ugh damn. From my multiple Peruvian friends it sounds like there is good music, food, and history in the VRAEM. I have one friend with roots in Junin (Huancayo) and another with roots in Cusco. Cusco sounds nuts with all the tourists lol.

@guofu @cosullivan Sure! They got all the archeological tourism there. Macchu Picchu is another favourite. I was there in mid 2000s.

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