@sexybiggetje Oh, I tagged it wrong. She's from Sure does sound very German though ;)

@gravityisforsuckers In Austria, people are speaking German just like in the eastern parts of Switzerland. 😉

@publicvoit Danke. Ich wohne in Amerika. Ich spreche Deutsch nur ein bisschen. Englische ist meine Muttersprache. Mein Deutsch ist schlecht. Tschüss!

@gravityisforsuckers But I do find it amazing that you are interested in foreign languages and are able to write a German toot! 🙋‍♂️

@gravityisforsuckers Don't worry - it is a common misunderstanding that not only people in Germany officially speak German. There is "Austrian" but this relates only to minor differences of the dialect, almost perfectly understandable to Germans as well, and it is no language on its own.

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