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0.7.02 has been released

rmw (ReMove to Waste) is a safe-remove utility for the . Its goal is to conform to the Trash specification and therefore be compatible with , , , and others. Desktop integration is optional however, and by default, rmw will only use a waste folder separated from your desktop trash.

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Which or organization is run the most efficiently? Which do you think will still exist 200 years from now?

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Would you ever participate in an online poll?

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Instructions for a super . I've made this and it does indeed work; although I can't claim to have achieved a flight time of 26.9 seconds... xD

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@Tutanota Using the AppImage, now I can't select multiple emails for deletion. I can multi-select, but no trash icon?

@sexybiggetje I don't know what you're interested in translating these days, but ... Looks like someone already offered to do though...

This is from when came for a repair almost a year ago. Should I be worried that a a major and is using plastic bags for project enclosures?

It's reassuring to know that my beer won't spoil for another 1000 years and 1 month

I haven't tried it yet... " GNU+Linux is a of Debian without ." Actually systemd hasn't been giving me any problems. Though it seems more complicated and I haven't had to mess around with any of the actual systemd files yet, other than when I set up to start as a user process. That went pretty smoothly because the syncthing docs were good.

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My Git-submodule-updating-script now allows you to select a specific submodule instead of using all per default. We are using it in production for a couple of months now and it saves us a few minutes every single day.

@yrabbit Thanks again for helping me fix that issue on . You probably won't need this, but I released a patch for the current release

How to create an from scratch "This course is a code tutorial aimed at people who are comfortable with low level computing. For example, programmers who have curiosity on how an OS works but don't have the time or willpower to start reading the Linux kernel top to bottom."

btw, if you're a user, I do mirror to a GitLab repo. Feel free to star it there, as well as make a PR or use the ticket system. I may update my docs to note that in the future. Are you someone who would only work on a GitLab project, but not a GitHub project?

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