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This dude and I are on the same wavelength. I couldn't have said it any better myself.

I have spent hours now playing with Plan 9 (9front). It really feels like the alternate timeline: everything is so different, so light, so interesting... This Raspberry Pi is my temple for now on 😌

Check out this Raspberry PI CarPC project, created to add features to a stock car 🚘 using minimum resources.

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Went to foot doctor today.
I do not have a broken bone in my ankle, just tendonitis(sp?)

He gave me an exercise to do and sent me on my way.

If princesses get their beauty rest, do men get a good-knight’s sleep?

―KingSlenderr, Mar 2015

TIL: "Indent ON" in #acme. When pressing new line it adds the leading white-spaces of the current line to the new one 👍

I found this awesome monitor at the dump. Completes this retro setup.

Don’t Let Endianness Flip You Around

Most of the processor architectures which we come into contact with today are little-endian systems, meaning that they store and address bytes in a least-significant byte (LSB) order. Unlike in the past, when big-end…

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In case anyone thinks living in Mongolia is painful ... 

... it just yurts a bit.

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