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I really have to fix my broken oscilloscope before 2021 ends, otherwise it would be an injustice for this vintage 1 GHz LeCroy oscilloscope from 1999 with a catalog price of $40,000...

Time for a TODO list.

✅ Glue the cracked front panel plastic. Done!

- Glue various small broken plastic parts (the old plastic is brittle and was easily damaged while I was trying to remove it...).

- Disassemble the front panel and replace the broken rotary encoders (the scope is nearly unusable now, the knobs move the cursor, gain and timebase randomly)...

- Replace the broken floppy drive with an emulator (I dropped the floppy drive, too bad :blobsad: ).

- Reassemble.

- Power On Smoke Test & performance verification.

I hope I'll eventually able to see an eye pattern of Gigabit Ethernet or USB 2.0 after I get the scope working...

Also wow that fit in one toot!
/ ll ~/stories/lyrics
OK that's the only one that does.
Heh, deep complicated lyrics isn't exactly Ministry's forte. :-)

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I get one day off (tomorrow) then work 5 days straight. :-(

"Just gimme the USENET!"
"I want the USENET!!!"

Bits keep dripping away
Certain of their destination
Vadding in the building at night
Gotta find a terminal!

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Screens keep scrolling away
Fighting in a war with disk space
Poised keep paging away
I'm looking in through to salvation

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Like if I started TELNET
Trying to run from another site
Log in the choice will be made
Unless we kill the Net as a nation

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When building a vacuumeow tube amplifier, don't forgot to inspect the insulation of the power transformeow.

#electronics #mastocat #catstodon #cat #cats #caturday

#2451 AI Methodology 

We've learned that weird spacing and diacritics in the methodology description are apparently the key to good research; luckily, we've developed an AI tool to help us figure out where to add them.

The question, "which of your possessions would be most important to have with you if you were thrown back in time" is very dependent upon the matter of just how far back.

This vintage #Tektronix 545 oscilloscope is powered by a CAThode ray tube. It has a rise time of 0.01 mewcoseconds and a bandwidth of 30 meowgahertz. Originally designed in 1957, production ended in 1974.

The key of achieving this stunning speed in 1957 was building the vertical amplifier by distributed elements on a transmission line.

#electronics #mastocat #catstodon #cat #cats #caturday

ah, ok....
the $40 tms320 dev board is for a tms320 mpu, not a tms320 dsp.

the dev kit for the dsp is $200.

ok no i don't in fact need that.

freakin ti

Kenta, relaxed, friendly, and quick to laugh. His friends accuse him of being afraid of the loving relationship he is desperate to find.

In Vanthis, he must escape the attention of the evil goddess his character worshipped.

Art by Grim (renardroi)

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