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q: what kind of day is it today?

a: the kind of day where a two minute maintenance job takes over half an hour because a screw that was perfectly happy to screw out absolutely refused to screw back in. thanks for asking

(the fix was to swap it with exactly the same screw in a mirror position. both screws worked just fine once that had been done. i *hate* screws.)

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Thomas Du Crest imagines an off-world mining ship where the workers inhabit a village at the top.

I tend to roll my eyes at PETSCII or Atari ASCII weirdness but the CoCo has a couple of quirks in its ASCII table to. "^" is represented as an up-arrow, "__" is left-arrow, and "^" is somewhere else in the table...

The 6847 VDG used an outdated ASCII table and the CoCo was stuck with it for it's entire life. :-(

I guess i could've done that a long time ago in libreoffice or whatever, but it totally never occured to me. Shrug

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Part of yesterday's coco adventures involved Ultra Edit, the best (imho) DECB text editor.

Problem is, ultra edit isn't emacs, or vi, or wordstar, or even edt. Completely its own thing. I can't ever remember the keys.

I wrote out a cheatsheet but yeah... my writing..

So today i hammered out the cheatsheet in Ovation under RISC OS! Now it's all pretty and readable, and in an 18 point font so I can read it!

Great line in bash to decrease file size of PDFs in a folder:

"for file in *.pdf; do gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -q -o resized-$file $file; done"

Thanks #ghostscript

"OH SWEET ENTERPRISE the entire universe is fictional and we're all created by science fiction writers and hack western writers!"

It looks like I'm going to be building an 8088 PC XT compatible machine, using an NEC v20.

The final machine will have PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports, an OPL3, SVGA, and flash storage.

An OPL3 and SVGA on an 8088 compatible CPU is going to result in a real odd assortment of strengths and limitations that is going to be fun to try and wrap my head around.

The primary company that supplies the toys that we sell at the coffee shop has unveiled two new toys that will start shipping in a few days.

Well, more than two. But I want to show you these two.

(Art) The Hi-Tech Wastelands of Ignacio Bazan-Lazcano

The illustrations of Ignacio Bazan-Lazcano depict grungy hi-tech frontiers pitted with dust and danger. Sometimes post-apocalyptic, always remote, many of his works look like something out of Mad Max. His subjects are rebels and explorers fleeing the center or returning to conquer it.

More on the blog:

Ended up digging into ROMpak transfer stuff. There's some black magic, there. All of my ROMpaks have been copied to disk, either by me or someone else. I started poking at what I thought was a disk of raw ROM images but were they had already been converted to disk! Excellent, I didn't have to mess with them!

It was mostly application stuff, too. Mostly useless IMO, since even if the programs will run from disk, they can only save/load data to tape. Bleah.

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