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Imbibe the 1984 vibe & point your interface to click on Café 80s on at 00:00 UTC

Today at work I visited a school that has all of like 70 students and one of them has a pompadour. When asked by my coworkers if I remember him I replied in Japanese "Of course. He's the main character of this school" and my coworkers just fucking lost it

Die Photos Reveal Logic from Commodore 128 PLA Chip

The 8721 PLA, or programmable logic array, was one of the chips that had to be invented to make the Commodore 128, the last of the 8-bit computers that formed the leading edge of the early PC revolutio…

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And while we are at #synthesizer #retrohardware, the one in the "Beat Street" movie is a Synclavier II.

It looks like they implanted a #VT100 into #PDP11 haptics with sound. Gorgeous!

Repair progress. Floppy drive is causing a power supply short. Managed to power it on, but the single remaining drive will not seek / boot.

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@codewiz It disappeared during one of my moves.
But look who has (probably) survived all these years. 😃 I never could give it away.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all programmers and contributors to open-source software and various free ressources on the Internet.

You rule. That is all.

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