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Hi! I was commissioned by my friend Celastrina to draw her character named Mia. Thanks for your support!! ( ´ ▽ ` )

#kariavalonart #MastoArt

Note to self: do not leave the light box's access flap open when it's not in use.

@conceitedjerk I have one of those as well. I didn't wind up needing to cut any holes for that one. I was able to route the DVI connector out to an existing panel under where the floppy mounts.

an exchange I legitimately had at work tonight 

"[A different store] messed up my tea. Can you do anything about it?"

Sorry, we're closed. I don't have any tea to give you.

"What should I do then?"

You could find a Starbucks that's open.

"But all the Starbucks around here are closed!"

This one is too!

Picked this up from a thrift store that went under. Someone dumped the owner of the building with all the junk and left town. Thankfully i was able to find this, a commodore monitor, and a strange cow painting all for $50.

Repaired the A4 keyboard ribbon. More silver paint... the repair is actually under the blue tape at the top.
The ribbon was folded over at some point in its life, which left a few tracks broken and others intermittent.

Cats are a bad influence. They peer pressure me into sitting on the couch with them doing nothing.

The TI99/4A with F18A video processor upgrade renders 80 column ANSI quite nicely.

@conceitedjerk The original F18A is a little FPGA board that drops in to where the original video chip gives you a VGA port that you then have to route out through the case...

@dredmorbius It's a pre-cyber arachnida counter measure to avoid mashup attacks like in xkcd/1530.

"Why do you always fixate on these bizarre details?" :-)

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