Some good news from Patrick Volkerding:
Mon Jan 18 13:50:16 UTC 2021
Hey folks, a little status update here. First, huge thanks are due to
nobodino for helping to shake out packages that weren't building from source.

With all those fixes in place (plus a few more), we have tested and found that everything in the tree compiles cleanly against glibc-2.32. So, the plan is to have another mass rebuild soon against that. [...]

Beta approaches. :-)
15! \o/

I always postponed building a #rc2014 based system, so I decided to start with something simple but peculiar: a #Z280 SBC with expansion slots.

Well, that's it for Monday.

And it was horrible, as most Mondays are, except when I am on vacation.

To give you an idea, I thought about that Tintin joke, except mine was "Such a horrible week", "Wait... Today is Monday and it's not even noon".

Power update ------ 

And, ..., that's it? That one phase that kept going in and out now seems to be permanently out.

When it rains, it pours. When it pours, it fucking floods. And now, when it floods, watch out, here comes the fucking tsunami.

What's fucking next? What else in this house can go so horribly wrong that it's all but guaranteed to send me to a fucking mental ward in anger?

I need this shit to be fixed, and I need my landlord to take this seriously.

#2413 Pulsar Analogy 

The #2 cause of astronomer hand injuries is trying to do vector math when the second axis points off to the right.

Just saw in the changelog for #Slackware that "Beta Approaches"!!! This is exciting news! A new release of Slackware may not be far off! YAY!

Praise "Bob"! [and Patrick Volkerding]

2413. Pulsar Analogy 

title text: The #2 cause of astronomer hand injuries is trying to do vector math when the second axis points off to the right.


RT @haylesoflagos
This young boy made Iron man’s suit with Cartons🥺

It will cost you nothing to RT this creativity.❤️

So when I first turned on the table saw and the lights dimmed and I saw JUST HOW BIG that blade was, and JUST HOW FAST it was spinning, and noticed JUST HOW QUICKLY it got completely up to speed, well... I was used to that kind of power being in OTHER places, I wasn't used to it being near my wood stock! Bit scary!

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Stained up nice. I'll leave these until the morning and then I'll decide what to topcoat them with. Probably something pretty hard, oil-based maybe, given that the Roomba's gonna be banging into them.

Someone was posting on Fedi asking for help starting woodworking a little while back, I told her get some good stain 'cause that lets you take cheap crap wood and colour it in to make it look like fancy expensive wood.

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Anyway, the problem I want to solve tonight is this. I have some cheap bookcases in my basement. I'd like to build nice bookcases one day, but this is what I have for now. They're mostly scavenged and they're all different. Some have a proper base and some have the bottom shelf directly on the floor. When the Roomba encounters one of the latter, it sometimes tries to climb up on the shelf and file itself in with the books.

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