The princess considered her options; remain on the ship to be delivered to a King she'd never met but who had a reputation for cruelty and corruption... or plunge into the ocean.

She was a strong swimmer, perhaps she could make it to one of the islands they had sailed past...?

It's worth the risk, she decided.

But she had never swam so far before, finding herself exhausted far sooner than expected.

"You poor thing," a voice purred.

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Ages ago someone asked me to post grypons and hippogryphs: This MAY be the best art ever painted of one:

There is just so much freaking energy. This is some of the best D&D art of I've ever seen to be honest.

By the way? This totally worked. Just one day in the sun and the severe yellow of my Amiga 1200 keyboard is much less smokers teeth.
If its bright tomorrow I'll give it another go. twitter.com/ZZleeZZ/status/138

My 1200 Tower is resetting itself every 20 minutes so here I go again diving into my favourite computer case and mainly only because of the ‘powered by Amiga’ logo on the front because the all plastic Infinity case is 99.9% all plastic and flimsy as heck!

I fixed one with silicone sealant, but it was so long ago I don't even remember which monitor it was or if it's still in use...

But I never had any trouble with it after!

I think for the first time I’m actually starting to understand what pointers are doing when I read C code. This is a major life milestone.

I have, over the last week or so, been working with the original maintainer and developer of brutaldon to take over responsibility for the project moving forward.

the original domain, brutaldon.online, is still in the transfer process, so after a nudge from @mjd I have registered and set up brutaldon on brutaldon.org for the time being.

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@kelbot Nah. I might get some of those too, but this is 20 Lenovo Thinkcentres.

It still booted on the first power up to an original hdd install!

It was one of those days when the best thing you can do is go scream into the void.
"You are a good listener," he screamed, "so patient, never judging."
He paused for a breath.
"I just wanted to say I appreciate you being there."
He paused again, and heard a whisper:
"Thank you."
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@Nikolai_Kingsley @onan Loved my VT220. When the company got rid of them, I took one home :)

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