I could swear that when I looked at ebay a couple of weeks ago, there were some Cromemco D+7A S100 cards going for approx. $100
(d+7a is basically a S100 joystick card)

and I kind of convinced myself I should get one.
So I look on ebay, and there's only one, and they want $200 for it...

And nope, that's outa my budget.

(grr, that's the second time I've lost out on an S100 card I wanted. Next time I see one I want for $100 I'm getting it then and there!)

Spent a few hours on this s100 card last night. This is the front panel controller for my .

I was mainly trying to figure out why its responding to disk controller writes, but the wiring seems ok...

Mostly i was trying to figure out how the speaker output is wired up... if i did that right, it needs a DtoA and still wouldn't work? I don't know op-amp wiring...


I pulled the LED controller board out of my machine. I think the comparator chip has failed? Anyway it was responding to writes of all the IO addresses. Very distracting. And it made me worry that it was going to mess up the signals.

So my CP/M machine now seems fully operational again! Woot!

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