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Here I am, playing with a very gui oriented operating system, and what do I obsess over? Text editors.

I couldn't resist picking up deskedit from !store. Must have all the text editors!

The documentation seems a little confused about taskwindows but it seems to work fine.

Finally found the Tilesprite I needed. That was well hidden.

I forgot that the WP-2 can only do xmodem reliably at 1200 baud. Built a "hello world" for it under RISC OS and couldn't get it to download at 2400. Dropped down to 1200 and it worked.

success! I can now send and receive email from RISC OS!

My ISP requires full SSL for both incoming and outgoing mail so old tools like POPstar didn't handle. But antispam and msc can now use the new AcornSSL module!

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