As I suspected, adding an interface to system() from FOCAL isn't going to be too useful.
LIBRARY OS <arbitrary hardcoded string>
lib os emacs afile.foc
l o ex

Now, if FOCAL had string variables all sorts of things would open up, but that restriction of hardcoded string really limits it.

I wonder if I could steal the string parser out of TYPE? Then the comand lines could have numbers at least!

Now released: asm80: 8080 and 8085 cross assemblers for UNIX and RISC OS

This version splits off the 8085 specific "undocumented" opcodes into asm85.

full sources included.

#8080 #8085

I still want to try adding (swi...) to RISC OS XLISP.
I'm not sure how useful it will be though... Not sure XLISP can handle the data types that the raw OS interface wants.
I mean, how do you tell a LISP to give you an X kilobyte buffer, no structure no typing no blah blah blah?
Nevermind what stuctures the OS itself might want...

XLISP on other operating systems support (system...) and call it good. That works under RISC OS too but... I still wanna try.

grr stupid sgit...

I'm trying to be good here, using real source control and even doing a branch for some experimental code.
I'd taken some notes in a file summerising the parts I'd learned already.
create a new branch in sgit, fine
checkout the new branch....
and my notes are *gone*.

And RISC OS doesn't have any way to undelete files it's just gone.

Fortunately I'd just read the file so I had it mostly in my head.

Why are source control systems always such a hazard!!?!?!?!

RISC OS uses "cat", for CLI directory listings, which I can handle. I've seen that before. It also has "fileinfo" which is OK.
But it also has "ex" which gives the human-readable formated listing, and I've gotten used to it but I still go "what?" every time I type it.

I'm pretty happy with the clearview docs for asm80. And the RISC OS version now comes in 2 binaries: asm80 for vanilla 8080 and asm85 that supports the undocumented 8085 opcodes also.
Once I migrate that split back to the unix version I'll be ready for a new release!

#8085 #8080

While the result would be kind of neat, I'm not converting the xlisp docs to clearview format. The docs are just too big!

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Is xlisp still a thing?

Anyway I'm looking at adding a SWI interface to the old RISC OS port I've 32bitted.

Any RISC OS language without swi() is a toy.

Did the easy part. Xlisp now can know the names of all the SWIs (load "swi.lsp"). Now I just gotta do the C code. Fun!

retoot from me @ rool forum:

So, I’ve converted a couple of text files to clearview, and they’re looking quite nice. (the docs for asm80 and focal).

But when I went to convert the docs for ECCE (because it’s amusing to need a GUI document viewer for a CLi-based context editor :) I ran into a big problem: The text paragraphs weren’t wrapping!?

After much hacking I discovered the secret: Put an explicit indent command on the first paragaph, and the entire file will word-wrap properly.

OK. OS support for $9 Walmart ("Onn") USB keyboard on my Raspberry Pi 3:
Raspian: it works
RISC OS: it works
Plan 9 (Miller): no keyboard found
9front: works! (no keyboard leds though...)

I've been neglecting RISC OS lately. Fired up the pi2 and did a bunch of updates.

There's more yet, but testing the rs232 upgrades (!connector, !hearsay, and the whole serialusb stack) is going to be tedious because that stuff always seems to be tedious. 🤐

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